New Development w/ New Investors

As it takes a long long time to get any news from FL, I thought I’d share today’s news

Do you think the investors know or care about their issues with communication?

Oh, as a matter of fact they just blogged about it. And hey, what do you know… no updates on the shipping of printers…

This is a really great new !! They will improve R&D and international services !! GREAT.

I saw as well in the press release that they are near to give us preform 1.0 :slight_smile:

As for the shipping i think they will be better in few months when all the kickstarter backers will be fulfill and many of the first preorders.

I would imagine a company investing $19M would not accept the same level of non-communication that us customers have experienced so far. But, I’m not really optimistic this will improve in the near future – just because the $19M investors get updates and transparency doesn’t mean customers will.

I will be optimistic and hope that they at least shook Formlabs up and are on track to setting them on the ‘straight and narrow’, so to speak. I, myself, would not have invested $19M in a company that has more customers upset over timing and lack of communication than customers printing and blogging their successes. Yes, I know there are quite around the net now showing their “cool prints”, but there are so many others who have been waiting for months after their alleged “scheduled ship date” and it seems like Kickstarter orders are not finished as planned.