"Print the Legend" documentary screening last week

Besides (some of) the Formlabs folks reading this, did anyone happen to catch the “Print the Legend” screening (?) in the Cambridge, MA area last week? Heard there might have been some rivalry in the crowd, given some of the attendees? :wink:

BTW: It’s going to netflix soon.



Scott, I just watched the trailer…

… but I don’t get it!

What’s this movie about? about 3D printing? about the Maker-Scene, about Startups, about Makerbot and Formlabs?

PS: I am from germany :slight_smile:

^ hey Formlabs, spammers are invading your space, recently. Are you using some sort of CAPTCHA during registration? Might be time to add something. I recommend putting together a 3-D model, the form butterfly logo, perhaps?


Etienne, I think it’s everything you mentioned from what I heard. :slight_smile: It’s a documentary, so it’s different than Pirates of Silicon Valley … probably a similar vibe though … but instead of Microsoft and Apple, it’s Formlabs and Makerbot? Just a hunch.