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Movies and FL Printers

probably you already know that Formlabs printers debuted on the movie’s scenes, but for who missed that:

Form1 in a scene of “Ant-Man”, 2015

Form1 in a sequence of “Black Mirror” episode “Hated in the Nation”, 2016

Waiting that also Form2 and Form3 / 3L shoot a scene.


Can you spot the 3D printer in this scene from the expanse s4e7?

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Wasn’t there an iron man movie with a Form 2?

A Form 1 was just in the opening sequence of Red Notice on Netflix. It’s fun, because it’s not just a prop, but showing a plot point and the machine actually printing properly.

I am pretty sure we’ve had some more over the years…

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Ah, just dug up my favorite one. :rofl:
This is from Person of Interest, Season 3, Episode 14, 22:55

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