Formlabs resin Grey GPGR03 different to FLGPGR02? Do they make grey FLGPGR02 anymore?

Hello everyone, I’m hoping someone can help me with this question, I’m only new to the forum.

Today I was looking to purchase Formlabs Grey FLGPGR02, but can’t see it on their sales page. I then read something online about a new grey resin that they developed. Does this mean the grey FLGPGR02 is not available for sale anymore?

Also, anyone know if grey GPGR03 is much different to the previous grey FLGPGR02?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there. Usually newer resin formulations are the only ones available, see this post. Formlabs once (AFAIK) rolled back to an older version but that was because of an issue with the supply chain which prevented them to sell the newer version.

From formlabs official word, the V3 allows for finer detail to resolve than V2. That seems to be about it. I don’t think the mechanical properties have changed at least that’s the official word

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Thank you for this info. It was very helpful. So I guess I can’t get the glossy V2 anymore then. May have to give the V3 a go. Could probably coat the V3 to get a glossy coat.

Two main differences between v2 and v3: (1) matte finish, (2) better dimensional accuracy.

Adding glossy coat is your best bet to get that kind of finish

There have been a few comments on it being more brittle than previous versions, but that would almost depend on the application. I have Grey V3 and it works quite well. I can’t specifically say my random very obvious layer lines on prints are color or version specific.