Formlabs High Temp or Castable Resin & Elastomer

Has anyone tried casting an elastomer with the Formlabs High Temp or Castable resin? I’m interested in making some elastomer bands somehow with 3DP resin.

While I haven’t tried creating elastomeric parts personally, @BJBenterprises has done a few cold-casting tutorials and there are a few elastomeric urethanes that might fit your application. I’m not sure what exists as far as injection molded elastomeric materials go, but High Temp Resin has an HDT of 289C @0.45MPa which should comfortably withstand most thermoplastics.

@lauericjames To clarify the question; are you looking to print a rigid mold and then cast in a flexible elastomer? If so, it is certainly possible if you apply sufficient mold release. Depending on the detail and geometry, this may be an easy task or it could become tricky if the detail is hard to reach. This is why many folks go to using silicone molds from a printed pattern as described in our tutorials. There are usually specific reasons to start with a rigid 3D Printed tool, otherwise making a silicone mold ends up being more practical for a multitude of reasons.