Best resin for mold?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering what would be the best resin to print a mold for cold and hot injection?

Thanks a lot!


This really depends on the parts and how hot you’re looking at running.

I haven’t tried it yet but for cold stuff I would look at the new durable resin. You still won’t be able to have undercuts but the material will give a little and should make demolding easier. It’s fairly clear so you’ll be able to see the material fill the cavity also.

For hot, that’s a little tricky. If you’re injecting polypropylene you can get away with the standard resins. Anything hotter like ABS or Nylon and you’ll be looking at the new High Temp resin. HT is a little harder on the resin tray but seems to print reasonably well on a clouded tray.

Formlabs has a white paper for injection molding. My only advice for cold casting is to get a pressure pot to eliminate bubbles.

Here’s a link to the whitepaper on Injection Molding from 3D Prints.. We recommend High Temperature Resin for most Injection Molding applications because its HDT (289C @ 0.45MPa) is much higher than each of our other materials. The Standard Resins can work for lower temperature thermoplastics like LDPE but might wear a bit more quickly.

@BJBenterprises has a few great tutorials on the forums for cold casting. Both the Standard and Durable Resins could work well depending on your application.

Here is a playlist of many Mold Making Tutorials for room temperature “cold” casting polyurethane resins:

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