Molds for injection molding with ABS and SAN plastics

I have read the recent article about 3d rapid prototyping molds for injection molding. Our company is going to manufacture enclosures for electronics using abs and other plastics. What are the main considerations? Price per 1 litter of such material that can be used as a dies for injection molding? Is it stable technology?

This really depends on the size/complexity and number of parts needed.

There is a thread on this here:

Part of that thread is pressurized castings (another good option)

You should check out our White Paper on Injection Molding from 3D Printed Molds. The new High Temperature Resin has an HDT of 289C @ 0.45MPa. We are still exploring best practices and mold longevity but a few users have seen little to no mold wear with tens to hundreds of casts.

You can also start with normal resin which will work within some limits