Material 3D Printed Injection Molding

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i want to ask about 3D printed Injection Molding by Objet methode. I’m so curious about the properties material used to make the mold. Does anyone know about the temperature mold and whether the mold can print a product made of polypropylene with a temperature of 220 C?


That’s example of the mold with digital abs material.

Yes, 3D molds will work with both the Objet material and Formlabs materials.

Formlabs has a white paper showing the basic process for a benchtop injector. Polypropylene is actually the best choice for this process (easiest to work with). You can use standard resins for a few parts and the high temp resin will make a lot of parts depending on the design.

My advice is to invest in an aluminum frame to completely surround the printed mold. This will help keep it from cracking under pressure. Also, research mold design a little. You’ll need to design draft angles and vents into the mold for things to work best.

This is an example of a mold with Formlabs material.

I used ABS and did have some problems with the mold cracking but I have about 10 tons of injection pressure. The small benchtop machines are easier on the molds.

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High Temp Resin is great for this! As @FredB mentioned, this is best for small volume parts and desktop injection molders and isn’t necessarily a replacement for large industrial molds.

Yes, 3D molds will work with Formlabs materials High Temp. resin.
You can make a few parts in the high temp resin depending on the design. You will need to make core and cavity inserts that fit into a mold base. It helps to build in the water and gates & ejection as well.

We use both a 3"x2" and 3"x1 " insert sizes…