Best third-party resin for mouldforms printing

Hi Folks.

I am after my first attempts at making injection molds printed on a 3D printer. I am delighted with the ease of making these molds, and the quality. Unfortunately, the durability of the molds leaves a lot to be desired. Could the more experienced among you give me some advice for a quick start?

  1. Do you cool the molds while working? Are there cooling channels in the molds?
  2. What printing materials do you use. What is the best material.
  3. I have a Formlabs Form 3L printer. Ideally, it would be possible to print with some non-original material. The original ones are too expensive in relation to the quality. I currently use Applylabworks expert black. For injection mold making purposes, can you recommend me some other cheaper resin?

Form’s high temp resin may be worth giving a shot.

Hi @Segitarius,

Thanks for reaching out! While I don’t have third-party resin recommendations, I wanted to pass along our Injection Molding Application Guide as a helpful resource. In terms of Formlabs resins, Rigid 10K, High Temp, and Grey Pro may all be good options for you.

While not the cheaper option you asked for we had a successful first run with Rigid 10k. After ~80 parts the mold has no real wear apart from some discoloration.


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