Form3 Where is Register Code?

Hi all, I looking for the register code of my Form3 to use the dasheboard but I can’t find it. Could you help me please ?

On the back of the machine. It’s words not numbers or at least that’s what it’s been in the past.

Walter_Gillespie, that is the serial number.
I assume he is looking for the Register code used to register the printer with Dashboard.
I think you need to go through the “onboard” menu on the printer.

goto Settings->connectivity->RegisterToDashboard
You must scroll the connectivity to find the RegisterToDashBoard at the bottom.

I have a new printer (first) - there is no code displayed when I enable connection to the dashboard (new firmware). I cannot connect the printer to my dashboard.

Hey there!

Sorry to hear you’re having a little trouble! Best thing to do is to reach out to our lovely support team and they’d be happy to get this issue sorted out for you as efficiently as possible.

I got it working with a factory reset (as recommended elsewhere) - but the screen was very dark almost un-readable.

I finished a couple of small prints and power cycled the unit.

The screen came up at normal brightness.

Everything working well - made some very good prints.