Form3 knocking noise LPU unit after preparing tank since last firmware update

since the last firmware update 1.14.7 my early 2019 form 3 have a knocking noise by the stepper motor on the LPU spindle.

When I start a print comes the normal procedure of printer and tank preparing…
At the last step of tank preparing the LPU is of the left side of the printer , when preparing finds the end then comes from the stepper motor a 3 times knocking noise . I seems like the LPU drives like a stop buffer.
Then the printer starts normal with printing.

When I go down to printer firmware 1.13.3 there is no noise and the stepper motor do not drive against the buffer.

Maybe a bug?? I print with black resin tank v2 and newest preform.
The failure is also in default and beta print settings.

Do anyone have the same failure ??

Thank you for your answers !
Greetings Andi

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