Form2 leveling

Hello Community,

does anybody know exactly how the printer leveling mechanism works?
If there is a gyro sensor inside the printer, where is it to find?
It seems we have problems with it on one of our printers.
If we level it is hanging to the rigth.

Thank you in advance

Peter from 3Dimensionen

I’m sure it uses an acceleratometer chip like your phone has.

One thing to watch out for is other electromagnetic noise.

I put my form 2 in a metal cabinet and rigged an axial flow fan on top of a large charcoal filter inside the cabinet to clear the fumes from entering the office.

But my printer would not show level- the little indicator would wobble and keep telling me to level the perfectly level printer.
When I moved the fan Outside of the cabinet, the problem disappeared. The motor in the fan somehow interfered with the accelerometer.

so first thing is I would see if anything electronic or motorized nearby might be causing an issue.

Secondly- have you rebooted the printer? The level sensor is part of the logic board and like any smartphone it can be subject to corrupted code…

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