Form2 Build issues, after last update, 09/17/21

Since the latest update, I have almost had every print fail. The part will get ripped off the supports or hole/unprinted areas in the part.

Also, a big issue with me is the change in the size of touchpoints needed. A year or so ago I rarely use a bigger touch point than .35 now I have trouble getting the parts to hold with .60. Since the latest update, .60 seems not to work either.

Thoughts, comments, or help here, please.

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@Minntronix the touch tip size issue is the telling point. I believe this usually means the laser power is starting to degrade in the printer. There can be 2 causes of this - dirty optics or the laser itself reaching the end of lifetime. Always worth cleaning optics first to narrow it down! If you get in touch with Formlabs Customer Support they can give you instructions how to clean all the optics (optical window, galvo mirrors, etc.).

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