Form1 my Cubify

I just uploaded the Form1 logo as the background photo for my Cubify (3D Sysytems) Cube forum profile.


For all the hell I have been through since buying that lemon of printer it is the least I can do.

The fun and success of the Form1 has almost balanced the complete frustration I have had with 3D Systems. I had it for a week, It clogged and loudly squeaked. I sent it back and they had it for a month and won’t reset my warranty to a full year. Their Cubify printer program is just the worst ever. I emailed them and told them to look at Preform because it is so much better.

So now there is a new Cubify version. Do you think that have a link to it anywhere on the website? Just stupid.

I got my Cube back a week ago and am afraid to try it. I would rather spend my time using a printer that WORKS!


My first 3D printer was a Bits for Bytes. You want to talk about a turd of a printer, that’s it!