Form Wash not powering on - what are the power supply specs?

So let me start by asking what are the power supply specifications for the Form Wash? On my machine it says above the barrel jack that the machine runs on 12V and the socket is centre negative. At this point I’m pretty sure none of this is correct. My problem is that the machine won’t switch on when I plug it in. I tried both the 12V centre negative power supply (the first try) and the 24V centre positive power supply (the one I use for my Form Cure). Whatever the power supply, the machine is dead. However, when I lift the arm manually, the screen comes on and both the 3V3 and 24V LEDs on the motherboard light up. So what could be the problem?

Hi @jwojtyga,

Thank you for getting in touch. In terms of power supply specifications, aside from the indications on the machine, I can also pass along the Form Wash Manual. One test to help narrow this down would be to try plugging the Wash in, waiting a short while, then turning the knob and making a selection. The goal would be to isolate whether the display is at fault or if there really is a power issue. Otherwise, for further troubleshooting, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team.

Mine has a 24V supply, positive insidem and the machine says the same thing

The form wash is from europe, model from late 2019

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Problem solved. I blew a fuse by connecting the machine to a 12V centre negative power supply (parameters as written on the back of my From Wash). After replacing the SMD fuse (marked F1 on the motherboard) and connecting a 24V centre positive power supply, everything started working again. It’s a shame that Form Labs never acknowledged this error…

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