Form Wash: Does IPA evaporate?


I did buy a Form Wash (and also a Form Cure), and before I use them, I just want to ask the following:

Do you use any additinal devices (for example a laboratory hood) to get rid of possible IPA-steam? Does it evaporate to a noticibly or possibly health threatening amount? I am just unsure, if there should be used this type of safety precaution. The Printer, Wash und Cure devices are located in a room with two windows and the room is otherwise not used by people.


The Form Wash is not airtight around the lid, so yes… the IPA does evaporate. I have mine in a very small, enclosed space with extraction ventilation and the only time you notice IPA smell is when the machine opens to accept a print load and when it opens to dry a print load.

I tried to get solid safety information from Formlabs, but they mostly deflected by referring me to “the manufacturer of the IPA” I was going to use, which is rather pointless since the IPA manufacturer doesn’t know anything about the machine!

So, just use common sense. If you smell IPA, open the windows and air out, and don’t have anything hot or burning near the Wash.

I had to move mine outside. It literally made me feel drunk/high/headachy from the smell and fumes. The printer is in my office and I feel fine, but, wow, that IPA did a number on me.