Form³ Noise levels

So over the past few days, I’ve been doing some 7h+ Prints and I’ve come to notice the Form³ being a LOT noisier than the Form² to the point where I can safely say that running it at night will not be an option unless I start wearing earplugs.

Here’s a video of the noise it makes shot on my iPhone XS Max about 30cm away:

The noise, in general, is pretty loud but there are certain sections that sound almost as if something is loose and resonating badly during some of the Printers’ internal movements.

The Printer isn’t making contact with anything else but the surface it stands on and the Power Cable that is attached to it and I’m like 99% sure that the noise is coming from inside. Any way to remedy that?

I have the same noice level.
Looks normal.

1- put soft silicone pads under the four feet to minimize resonance on that particle board shelf-
2- put the printer inside a cabinet that can fully enclose it… with sound absorbent foam on the interior walls.