Crackeling noisesform 3

hello, i have a very strange problem. my printer (form3) sometimes makes very bad crackling noises during printing. the printer is now the third replacement device and a factory new replacement! i had the same noise at the printer in front of it. tank is new. the crackling noise occurs very sporadically and irregularly. the formlabs technicians said that a parameter that controls the speed of the mixer arm is too high. you tried to switch to the printer for 4 days to set the speed, unfortunately you did not manage it. Has anyone here already had the same phenomenon with his printer, in other words, I would be interested to know whether the problem is known to formlabs … recently I had the same noise before the printer started the print job, the lady from service said it was the mix arm coupling …
Thank you for the answers.

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Yes, we had the same problem and we have tried to capture it in the video. However, due to it is n irregular problem it is very hard to capture.

I did notice that when it happens is just before the mixer been engaged to mix the resin.

Please let me know if you are able to capture the issue. would be interesting if we could provide Formlabs with a video of the issue.


Yep, lots of people have been complaining about that noise. It comes when the magnets on the LPU are moved to engage/disengage from the mixer. There seem to be a motor an lead screw inside the LPU, but no-one has yet explain how to access it so that the lead screw can be re-greased.

Hello, yes I was able to record the sound randomly! I was in contact with Formlabs about this. A technician was supposed to connect to my printer via the Internet in order to adjust a few parameters, but unfortunately the technicians couldn’t do that. Formlabs says there would be no problem damaging the printer. Well, I don’t know, that sounds very bad. The printer is a replacement device and almost new. I had the same problem with the printer before that. I just thought, that cannot be true, hearing the same noise, printing the first time in the replaced machine…

can you watch it…is this the equal noise you have on your printer?

I have experienced this same problem. Very interested in a solution.

I’ve heard that noise before as well, although not very often. Off the top of my head I can’t remember if it was on the Form 3 I returned under warrantee, or with the replacement!

Good that you manage to record it. even though the noise is the same noise I have randomly, I experience the noise when it printing and not when it is filling the tank. not sure if this will make any difference since it is due to the same mechanism been activated.
Does Formlab ever replays to this issues on the forum?.

I also have that noise when the printer is printing. I print a lot of Tough2000 resin and the mixing arm keeps moving back and forth and just before the printing platform sinks back into the resin there is that noise …, Formlabs had no solution! They just assured me it wouldn’t break anything!
Good luck!

My Form3 sometimes makes a horrible noise randomly while printing with Tough2000 resin, too.
Has anyone solved this problem?

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we also have the same issue recently, can not print out good samples, always failed.
that souds the printer is doing broken.

I hear this sound from time to time on tough 2000 resin but I never seen any issue with the print itself related to this sound. With Form 3 I think I have less than 1% fails (for multiple reasons).

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your thoughts on this topic! We are currently tracking this issue on Form 3 printers. That being said, the noise is not indicative of any damage to your machine, and it will not affect print quality in any way.

However, if you are experiencing print failures or if you would like more guidance, please contact our support team. They’ll be happy to walk you through the issue and investigate further!

I have 2 F3s, one has the clicking noise consistently, the other occasionally. Purchased around March 2020.
Here’s a video of the noise.

Would someone at Formlabs fix this thing already, we all shouldn’t have to deal with this annoying noise.

There is a lot of information about this on the forum. My understanding is that it has been more or less cured in recent firmware updates.