Form Cure Total LED Time

I just received a new Form Cure ordered directly from and notice that also this one (my 2nd) shows Total LED Time as “Unknown” when holding in the scroll wheel.

From the support documentation it’s clear that united manufactured after Jun-18 2020 should include this counter. I did check with the latest PreForm installation package if there was an updated firmware but there wan’t. I also glimpsed through the bottom air-vents I could see 2022 printed on the circuit board.

It’s not the end of the world, but it would for sure be nice to keep track of how much the cure gets used.

Maybe someone know if there is a way to enable it, or if I’ve been shipped a three years old device.

Hello @Reine ,

I certainly understand why this would be concerning. I would reach out to Support with the Serial Name of your Form Cure so we can look into what is occurring with this device.

Kind regards,

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