Form Cure lead time for EU?

The EU store used to state 2-3 weeks lead time for the Form Cure up until this week, just like the US store did.
Now it changed to no lead time stated, but it still says ”Available now for pre-order.” in the description, so i’m guessing that means it isn’t available for immediate shipping.

US store still says 2 weeks.

What gives?
Is the lead time for EU unknown as of this time?

We ordered the Cure around October 2017 , I inquired about to the delivery date in the beginning of January and was told I would receive it by the end of the month. It arrived this week. We are in Switzerland BTW,

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Cool, so there’s actually a chance they’re shipping immediately now?
Ordered one yesterday, guess i’ll see what happens on monday/tuesday.

Interesting. I ordered my Cure on Sept 3rd and haven’t received mine yet (also in EU). Formlabs has a very confused shipping department.

We ordered right after form cure was announced, but didn’t receive any update for months! 2 weeks ago we canceled our order and got the wicked engineering cure box instead. It arrived within a week (shipping to Germany), is well made and works excellent. Formlabs needs to step up…

Well, I just received my Cure (not 13 hours after the post above). First impressions are that it’s very nice. Looks good, same size and design as the Form Wash it’s sitting next to. Ran it through a cure of a Tough part and it came out great. Very nice.

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Interesting, the ”Available now for pre-order.” text is now gone from the description in the EU store.
Looks like they’re gearing to start shipping regularly.

My Cure (ordered Jan 27) just shipped (at 4am!) and is scheduled to arrive this friday.
So that confirms it, i guess, EU Cures are shipping regularly now.

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It sounds like you received an email from Formlabs saying your order shipped? Interesting, that hasn’t been working for me for months. My Orders page shows all my orders going back 6 months as “Pending”. All my shipments from FL arrive by surprise. I thought that’s how it was for everyone…

Same thing here.

EU shop or US? Not sure if the orders are handled by the same system or not, but there might be differences.
I get notifications, yeah, from

Try whitelisting the email address, maybe that helps (in case they’re getting blocked, or flagged as spam).

Edit: wait, they’re all ”pending”? Sorry, my brain is still booting (late night / early morning shift), completely missed that part. Then something’s broken on their end after all.

Hmm… Looking at my order history, i can’t say i’ve ever seen a “pending” status.
My orders just have a timeline displayed, that goes from “Ordered”, through “Shipped”, to “Estimated arrival”.

EU store. I receive emails for alerts, from the support system, etc. Just not the store. And I used to get notifications from the order system, but they changed it / broke it a while back. I filed a support ticket a few months ago, so they’re aware of the issue. Anyway, since I don’t get emails and order status never changes I can’t get a tracking number. So FL deliveries are always a surprise.

That’s not necessarily bad - every day is potentially like Christmas morning for you :smile:

Thing is, when you’re out of a certain type of resin and want to plan your prints, it’s useful to be able to rely on the supplier. I ordered 2l of Grey at the end of December while it was marked “in stock” and received them a full month later… It’s still marked as “pending” on the web store.
I ended up having printing in Black which didn’t yield the same quality at all (same kind of issues that have been reported on the forums for a while now)…

I provided this exact feedback to someone at FL a few months ago (that is, it’s hard to make any plans when you don’t know if/when something will arrive: resin, tanks, LT tanks, etc). I got the strong impression that they thought this complaint was frivolous/silly. :man_shrugging:

I think the complain is perfectly valid especially if you take into account the fact that the resin has a relatively short expiry date and the versions also change often… I’m still finishing a cartridge of White V2, have 1l of V3 waiting, and V4 is already out, I certainly wouldn’t want to still have a few liters of White V2 on the shelve.

I likewise think this is a perfectly valid complaint, and we’re both wary of delays with previous products and working to improve our manufacturing workflow as to provide better fulfillment expectations to customers.