I preordered Form Cure nov 6th...one month later should I give up?

Has anyone received their form cure? I have waited a month, I run a dental practice and I am sick of waiting. Should I give up and get a third party? They keep telling me April 2018…that is not feasible.

Can someone who has gotten one give me some idea of their experience?

I can’t speak for myself, but there are folks here that have ordered them when they were announced more than 6 months ago, and the only thing that FormLabs has shipped so far are the For Wash stations. The Cure seems to be behind.

I have been told that I’m in the first group that will get one. I placed my order May 8th.
I do not have my unit yet. The latest news I have, the unit is expected to ship later this month.

Ok. So you give me no hope. I will order a 3rd party today. I will pay more for it.

You can check out the Curebox from wicked engineering. I have one and have been happy with it. Not quite as aesthetic as the Formlabs option, but definitely gets the job done.