Form 3L delivery

We pre ordered the 3L as soon as it was announced, and still no delivery date so far on this?

Has anyone heard if the form wash for it have been developed as yet, because we were told that it would be ready for the 3L?

Joined a roadshow last Friday to have a look at an early 3L unit. Impressive machine. Formlabs said shipping date for the first units is March. A wash and cure is in development but won;t be ready for launch. A partner solution will be available.

I would much more like to see it added to Preform any time soon…

The target dates have slipped (3L was originally supposed to be Q4) and given the company’s track record I would expect them to slip a bit more until production is ramped. According to the store, units ordered today will ship in Q3 2020.

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I’ve been told, as I have an early order in for the 3L, that deliveries are pushed back. Q1 2020 is a best case scenario although I’m not holding my breath.

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Thanks. we are in the same boat then by the looks. Hoping they will release the form cure and also a form wash when the eventually start shipping them out.