Form 3 Production Update

Form 3 Customers,

The Formlabs team is excited to now be ramping production and shipping our game-changing new printer, the Form 3. We have been excited to see the amazing user feedback from our first Form 3 customers. I particularly like how users are reacting to Form 3 prints in Clear resin (one remarking in shock at the print clarity). I can’t wait to see more as we get this game-changing printer into thousands of users’ hands.

That said, we still have work to do. While we started shipping our first units over a month ago, we have not ramped production as fast as we originally planned. This will affect the delivery dates of many of our first customers. We know this is frustrating news and will impact you in different ways, so I’d like to personally provide details.

While we have every intention to meet our delivery date promises, our number one commitment as a company is to ship the highest quality 3D printers. We will continuously ramp our production process, but only at a rate that allows us to maintain strong quality control, even if that results in a delay. This means that we have shifted our ramp timeline, and you will receive an email with an updated shipping time as appropriate. Given the nature of a ramp, earlier orders placed in April and May are most affected by the delay.

We have already shipped hundreds of Form 3 printers, and we are confident we will soon reach a weekly production volume to eliminate lead times. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are working nights and weekends to produce higher volumes every week. We are communicating directly with customers about delays via email on a rolling basis so that we can give you the most updated timeline. As we have previously noted in the Formlabs Forum, we are shipping on a first come first served basis, although we have prioritized certain early customers who are participating in feedback programs, especially if they are closer to our teams in Somerville.

I know any delay is frustrating and disappointing to our customers, especially when you have deadlines of your own. We sincerely appreciate your patience. The Form 3 will be worth the wait.

Luke Winston
Chief Business Officer