Form cure - no power

The Form Cure was working on Friday and when I came in on Monday the machine was off.

The power supply is receiving power and the turntable is slowly turning. But none of the lights is coming on and the LED screen is also off.

When we plugged the power supply into the machine there was a small spark.

We have tried using a different plugin, resetting the pc board and tested the power cable with a multimeter and the output is 24V. Nothing has changed.

Is there anyone who has run into the same problem who can assist us?

maybe the psu is not outputting enough amps, even though it has 24v when measured without load.

I have not had this exact issue but I did have a power supply quit working properly on a Form Cure. In my case the Form Cure would not heat up to temperature but everything else worked fine. After contacting Formlabs, it was determined that the power supply was probably getting “worn out” and they sent me a new one which fixed the problem.

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