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Form Cure LED locations

For the benefit of anyone who needs to know:

13 total of 405nm LED’s:

  • 4 on top, under the white translucent strip (a pair straddles each of two brighter white LED’s)
  • 3 on each side column
  • 3 underneath rotating table, located toward rear of unit

A couple days ago I was “fooled” by the asymmetry of the lighting at the bottom of the Form Cure, and thought I might have had some burnt out LED’s. It was a false alarm, but I decided to post this diagram to help out anyone else wondering where the 405nm LED’s should be illuminating. They’re tricky to see through the protective tinted cover, but with some patience it’s possible to identify all of them.

By the way, DO NOT ever attempt to bypass the safety interlock mechanism.


Bookmarked :wink: thanks for sharing your findings !

Great diagram! Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

Hi, great photos.
I am trying to take some photos of cure myself also and I would like now how to bypass the saftey lock. I know that the lock is there to keep us safe but I have experience working with UV light and I take full responsibility if I turn to magic violet smoke. :joy:

@leonlazic just place couple magnets where de lid closes, roughly above the edges of the screen panel. It will allow to turn on.

Thank you for providing this! For a lot of things, I always wonder if there is some sort of “standard” operation visuals (or even audio) to aid in assessing whether something is properly operating.

Yeah thanks I fugured it out eventually, for the Cure and the Printer itself. :slight_smile: