Form auto not even attempting to remove part


We installed a new Form3 on the form auto automation system. When we try to automatically print parts, it never attempts to actually remove the part from the build platform. It seems like the form3+ printer is waiting for the form auto to respond, but that it keeps waiting infinitely since there is nothing happening or coming back.

Here is the activity log of a print:

So after ‘Form auto harvest started on’, the printer keeps stuck on 85% completion forever until I manually cancel the print and remove the part using the form auto settings menu.

Any idea what we could be looking into?

Hi @PetePewPew,

Thanks for getting in touch! As an initial step to address this, I would recommend rolling back your firmware to version 2.1.0. If the issue persists, please get in touch with our Support Team for further troubleshooting.

Hi! This did not solve the problem. For others, every time the printer crashes we reboot the entire machine and then it seems to be working until the next time something unexpected happens. Every time the form auto is interrupted for any single reason (like rotating the printer to see the screen, just a random print fail, cancelling a print, or the form auto failing the pull a part off, etc), we turn the machine off and back on. This seems to be the fix. Kinda weird and annoying, but since manual actions are required in these situation anyways it does not matter a lot.

Other than that, we notice that the machine does not visually show that anything is wrong. It will just never actually do the part ejection procedure until it is rebooted.

Hi @PetePewPew,

I’m sorry to hear that the firmware rollback did not help. Following up with Support would be ideal, as they’d be able to look over the diagnostic logs for the printer and the Auto and identify any potential issues.