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Form 3L Print Failure (Spur Gear)


We received our Form 3L in March of this year (2021) we’ve had about and 80% print success rate, but we’re having serious trouble printing a gear. The resin we are using is Tough 2000, and the gear is designed to be functional. Out of the three we have printed, we’ve had one success.

Obviously the lower cylinder of the spur is supposed to be complete, but instead this same failure has happened twice, tried changing the orientation, but have gotten the same failure. Any advice at all would be appreciated, is it our orientation? Touch point size (.50mm, but also occurred at .70mm) Resolution is on its lowest setting.

Thanks for your time!


Hi @joseph,

I’m so sorry that you ran into this issue! One thing that’s worth keeping in mind is that Formlabs machines work best when parts have a 45 degree lean in at least one axis, but ideally in two. For best results, I’d recommend orienting the part using the “Auto-Orient All” feature in PreForm.

If re-orienting the part doesn’t fix the issue, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team. They’ll be happy to help resolve the issue and get you back to printing successfully!


Thank you so much, this part was 30x and 30y, our previous model was 20 and 20, so that could absolutely be the issue. Going to try and reprint today. Really appreciate your feedback!


Of course! Best of luck with your print!


So we did another print yesterday, and I’m starting to maybe think its the LPU. We printed 8 models that were basically miniature versions of this spur gear, on one half of the build plate (furthest from opening) each model came out perfectly, on the half facing the opening every model failed starting at layer ~450/750. I’m going to reach out to support and see if they can help me figure this out. This resin is expensive.


This might also be a faulty tank. There are some issues with the 3L tanks. Support should cover you for all your consumables.


That would be wonderful, I’d like to just get with them and go through a calibration print or something start to finish so we could narrow down the problem. I love the Form 3, but my superiors are starting to get a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to the 3L, which I don’t want. I know its capable of doing some amazing things, it’s just as of typing this I’m now at a 12.5% print success rate, which, to a company, looks REALLY bad.


Every time this happens, the printer is leaving remnants of cured resin floating in the tank and stuck to the bottom of the tank. Stuff you tried to print that didn’t show up on the model had to go somewhere and the resin tank is the only place (though I see some random flakes hanging from the print in a few spots to suggest some of the flotsam has been hoovered up by other parts of the print).

How are you cleaning things up after each failure?