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Form 3L didn’t print out half of the model

Hi Guys,

I just received my 3L and wanted to test print out pulleys for my project. I used the white v4 resin and left the layer thickness at 100 microns.

I came back in the morning to see that the machine had printed half of some of the pulleys that I was trying to print.
Has this happened to anyone?

That sucks. I would reach out to tech support. They more than likely will issue another tank since that’s there go to thing when prints fail.

They have a major issues with the 3L. Some have gotten lucky out of the box but most of us have had issues from the start. There is others that have mentioned failures left and right with the white resin. There is another thread here concerning the 3L and it’s issues. My first print failed badly and it’s been a crap shoot ever since.

Could be a tank issue…do you have more pictures of the failure or of the preform slicing?

It looks like the two large parts failed?

What are you support touch point sizes?

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