Form 3L buy or no?


we are curently in the process of choosing an SLA printer.
the only one from Formlabs that is big enough for us, is Form 3L.
I’ve noticed that there has been alot of issues with this printer so far. That’s why i’m turning to all of you for help.

Could you maybe tell me if problems with printer are solved? or will i be experiencing problems after purchasing this printer?
With the knowledge that you have now, would you buy it again or no?

Best regards, Aljoša

My 3+ (purchased March of 2022) has already been replaced once, and have a 67% successful print rate according to the dashboard. I have been using Tough2000, which seems to have the most issues, so I am hopeful that a different material will be more reliable.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed with this printer so far. I really expected it to be MORE reliable than the average $1k resin printers currently available, but that has not been my experience so far. The only thing I am happy with is how responsive the service department is - although they can only help so much.

What are the other printers that you are considering?

Have been using our 3L On and OFF for almost half a year…

So far, there is not much printing issue
There had been a few instances where the prints have some minor defects…
But so far we have not experience any print failure.

My 2 cents:

  • Overall, the printer work OK. Although most of us still tend to fall back to using our FDM printer as it has automatic support removal
  • Print quality and accuracy is OK, not the best, but OK. The support touchpoint and the manual support removal are causing more trouble to us, but that is more of a SLA limitation.
  • Material / Maintenance is wayyy overpriced. The resin tank had a lifetime, and start counting when it first exposed to resin. This make maintaining different material a real headache. It is really hard to justify the cost of maintaining different material when we only print like once or twice every week (sometimes once every month)

Would you buy it again or no?
Most probably no.

From my own personal experience, i would say No. for the following reasons:

  1. The overpriced maintenance.
  2. The print quality is just average.

thank you for your response



honestly i haven’t researched enough at all. Could you maybe recommend a printer for clear prints?

really again, thank you all for your response on my question

best regards