Form 3 wants me to manually fill resin?

so is the consensus that the dispensing is rubbish and we should just dump it in and treat these like a form 1? Also has it gotten worse than the form 2?

I have a 3B and after latest firmware update it now tells me to manually fill a new tank.
It’s not a necessary step but it sure speeds the process up. I’ve had a 24 hour fill cycle for new tanks which is just not acceptable so the manual fill seems to be the way to go. Material tracking is irrelevant.
Also, the sound of the dry parts rubbing is atrocious, cant be good for materials, and tanks need some manual fill anyway.

i’m assuming the moral of the story is …manually do the first fill and have a second cartridge on hand

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Hi @illuminatedRS and @KBKB ,

As you have both touched on, filling can be a slow process; this is because we only have one rate of flow-speed between filling a new tank and incrementally filling a tank mid-print. “Priming” a tank, or manually filling it, will definitely speed up filling a brand new tank.

However, @KBKB 's tank taking almost 24 hours to fill sounds like it might be a hardware problem; some of our earlier release printers had a dispense arm that was a bit short and could not allow as quick of a dispense as we had anticipated. To resolve this, we have replacement dispense arms that have been slightly modified to allow a faster dispense process which should lead to fewer of those dismissible error messages. I would reach out to our Support Team with your serial name and, if possible, dates of when you had these errors so that we can check your logs and printer manufacturing date to see if your printer could use a new arm.

can you say if this only effects a 3 or does it effect early 3+ as well?

Hi @illuminatedRS,

Sorry for the late reply! Although there are some hardware and performance differences between the 3 and 3+, for all intents and purposes we have the User Interface be pretty much the same between the models.