Form 3 resin tank and build platform adapter for 3L

The build volume of the 3L is great but the need to use an entire liter of resin to charge a new tank can make it impractical to experiment with new or more exotic resins. It also makes it hard to justify a small project in any unique resin since a majority of the resin just ends up as unprintable waste in the form of minimum tank “charge”.
It would be awesome if there was a Form 3L resin tank with the build area and minimum resin requirements of the Form 3 along with an adapter to use a Form 3 build platform (or just a smaller build platform specifically for the 3L). This would allow for experimenting with new resins without requiring a 2-3 liter minimum initial investment and would also allow for one-off prints in unique resins without the drastic waste required by the 3L.

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