Bigger 3L

Does anyone know if a new printer is on the horizon with a larger build volume than the 3L?

I think the 3L is pushing the limits of the hanging style of SLA. If they were to go much bigger, gravity would play a big role and they would probably need to switch to the versions that use a huge filled vat that has a platform lower as parts are made.

I’m just curious; what kind of things do you want to print and how big are they? Do you currently print parts in multiple pieces and then connect them together somehow?


Thanks for reaching out. I currently print parts in multiple pieces and assemble them afterward. A 4-piece assembly is standard, but I have assembled up to 7 pieces.

One of the reasons I asked about a possible “4L” is I feel like a few of the design features on the 3L feel like adaptations to be compatible with the 3+. For example, the draft resin seems like the only resin truly compatible with 3L if you are regularly using the entire build volume. Also, the 2 L ports seem outdated to the Resin pump system, which isn’t even available on the 3L. Finally, since it costs about $2 a day to leave the resin in the tank, makes the resin go bad faster, and it is good practice to routinely strain artifacts from the bath, I don’t find multiple resin tanks very practical. I would pay for a more robust tank that I didn’t have to dispose of regularly.
There have been great updates like the new build plate has made part removal a breeze, and the free update a little while back getting 20mm in height was a nice bonus.
It feels like the 3L is the middle child stuck between their flagship 3+ and their Fuse 1. So I had been looking around for other options and was comparing the 3L to the Photocentric Magna which boasts a bigger print area. There are a lot of other factors like software and such, but that is why I was initially asking about a larger build volume.

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I think a lot of us would

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Thanks for the feedback. Can you share anything more on why draft resin “seems like the only resin truly compatible with 3L if you are regularly using the entire build volume”? Is it because it’s faster, or something else that makes it work well for you on 3L?


I appreciate that you are taking the time to respond to me. I think it says a lot about your interest in Formlabs. I’ve found the draft resin extremely reliable. In Preform, Draft doesn’t require very much support and almost always has successful prints. Speed is a big factor, and that is also partly because the draft can print with .200mm layer height. Between shorter pauses between layers and fewer layers to print, the Draft saves a lot of time and is easier on the tank.