Form 3 Resin Printer, wash + cure + MANY EXTRAS

I’m looking for $3k for everything. Or make me an offer. Zip code 91355

Listing includes

  • Printer ($2500)
  • Wash station ($650)
  • Cure station ($750)
  • Build platforms (4x $99)
  • Resin tanks (3 x $150)
  • Resin tank holders (4x)
  • Elastic Resin SEALED (2x $250)
  • Tough Resin 50% full
  • Elastic Resin, one sealed, one 50%
  • Flexible Resin 50% full

Printer is in excellent condition, everything works perfectly. I can start a print job and show you that everything works, and I have sample pieces I can show you too. I primarily used this to make board game pieces. We have a new baby, and I had to convert my shop into a nursery, so this printer unfortunately has to go.

CASH only, LOCAL pickup only

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