Form 2 3D printer, 6 resins,5 resin trays,rinse station,cure box $1600

I am doing this for a friend who is getting out from the hobby of printing.

This sale includes the whole package of parts needed to print, clean and cure your 3D parts. Included are the following;

1 - Formlabs 2 printer

2 - Formlabs finish kit tanks to clean your prints after printing

3 - Formlabs resins;

 X2 Rigid (1 new, 1 partly used)

 X1 Elastic (new)

 X1 Durable (partly used)

 X1 Flexible (partly used)

 X1 White (partly used)

4 - CURE box - UV and temperature controlled post-cure chamber, touch screen
Those who demand the most from their 3D printed parts understand the importance of post-curing. Properly cured 3D printed parts have mechanical properties far superior to those that are improperly cured. Proper post-curing requires precision equipment with a specific wavelength and intensity light source, time control, and temperature control. Anything less is just not good enough.

5 - X 4 LT Resin tanks - LT tanks offer at least two times longer lifetime than the standard resin tanks

6 - X1 Form 2 resin tank

7 - X2 build platforms, one to use while one prints - super useful. Both have scratches on the base, work well for printing

8 - Tools to get the prints off the build platforms after printing

Print your own three-dimensional products with this Formlabs Form 3D printer and all parts to clean and cure your designs.

Price is $1800 for the whole package.

Please send messages to for any questions you may have. Thanks

Price reduced to $1600

final reduction $1500

I’m interested, do you have any pictures and where are you located?

He’s a scammer do not buy. He, won’t prove his identity and wanted to use zelle, not PayPal.

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