Formlabs Form 3 with Form Wash and Cure + resin and accessories $2000 (Free shipping)

Formlabs Form 3 with Form Wash and Cure + resin and accessories (Free Shipping).

Formlabs Form 3 as well as Form Wash and Form Cure have minimal use. All 3 have had no issues and have printed flawless parts…

Included with purchase:

Form 3

Form Cure

Form Wash

Form 3 Resin Tank v2.1 (new) x 3

Form 3 Build Platform

Form 3 Build Platform 2

Grey Resin (new)

Clear Resin (new)

Grey Resin (.3 liter used)

Rigid 10k Resin (.8 liter used)

Tough 2000 Resin (.7 liter used)

Shoot me a PM


May I purchase your form cure for 70

Selling all as a set. Thanks

Hi! I’m interested in buying the full set. I do have a few questions, though, before finalizing the purchase

Still interested

Just figured I would ping @octagon33 for you, @LiteraryFiend. That might get them a notification to get in touch with you!

Thank you! I did message them privately but haven’t heard anything back yet

Hi! Is this still available? Are there any other ways of contacting you? I’m considering purchasing this as a set.

I’m still interested in purchasing the full set, but have not been able to get in contact with you, @octagon33. If it has already been sold, please message me. If not, I’d like to make arrangements for the purchase of the set. Thanks!

Still Available…

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