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[SOLD] Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

We have bought a form 2 printer and have not used it once. Please note that resin tank would not be included with the sale, as we had to use for another Form 2 printer.

Attaching some photos for reference21%20(1)%20-%20Copy|375x500

$5000 plus shipping / Free Pick up/ Drop off within the Dallas area

FormLab Form 3 3D Printer and Build Platform (Used once for a sample print only)
Form Cure (brand new - never used)
Form Wash (brand new - never used)
Finish Kit (brand new - never used)
Resin Tank (brand new - never used)
Resin Tank (used for sample print in grey resin)
Draft Resin Cartridge (brand new - never used)

Formlabs Extended Pro Service Plan and Extended Warranty till 5/21/2021

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