Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer + Form Cure + Form Wash plus accessories $2500

I bought this for a project that never came due. The form 2 printer has been used only a few times for testing so I listed it as new. Printer comes with the finish kit and extra build platform. Also included are brand new unused form cure and form wash plus accessories. Plus, several new 1L resins: 1 x White, 2 x Clear, plus 1 x unused portion of black resin and 1 x unused portion of Flexible. All will be packaged in its original boxes.

Brand New Unused Form Cure
Brand New Unused Form Finish
Used Twice New Form 2 SLA Printer

99$ Extra Build Platform
$149 x 2 Clear Resin
$149 White Resin

Partly Used for printing samples, open
$199 Flexible Resin, opened and partly used
$149 Black Resin, opened and partly used
Form finish Kit

I am asking $2500 + Shipping $100 for 3 to 4 boxes.

shoot me a mail for inquiries and pictures.

sent email. please check.

Any interest in selling the Form Wash and or Form Cure separate from the Form 2?

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