Form 3 + Resins for sale! $3500


I am selling a lightly used Form 3 in Los Angeles with

  • 1.5L of Rigid 10k,
  • 0.5L of Draft V1,
  • 1L of Hi Temp V2,
  • 0.75L of Durable V2,
  • 0.75L of Black V4,
  • 5 resin tanks,
  • 2 build plates,
  • and 3 gallons of 99% IPA.

I am selling because I am moving across the country and I do not trust the moving company to not spill resin everywhere and damage the printer on their way.

The printer has been kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment its entire life, and I have no issues with it whatsoever. This is a fully functional machine with no wear and tear.

Here is the listing on Facebook Marketplace.


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