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Form 3 printer

I am disappointed to the core after spending $8000 on the entire form 3 printer , 2 different resins (castable and castable wax 40) and cleaning set and import to India customs , tax etc the landing cost was around $8000
Mainly brought it for jewellery manufacturing with high precision but form 3 proved to be the worst product as compared to $1000 printer with castable resin

  1. After using castable resin (purple) the casted piece were disasterous as there was huge carbon/Ash deposits on the surface
    After casting few bigger pieces the surface finishing was horrifying
    We called the sales people and they said to buy castable wax 40
    2.This castable wax 40 has a tremendous capacity to piss people to core, with the success rate of max 20 % and consumes large amount of resin
    Surface finishing is good but the shrinkage has will give nightmare. Printing has huge flaws printing a prong (the cylindrical structure that holds the gem) which is generally of 0.5 mm in diameter on the file after printing the prongs are tapered ,needle like structure
    Which is a huge disadvantage in the jewellery manufacturing industry
    3.the resin consumption is too high and resin tank has to maintain a minimum of 400 ml and if less buy new cartridge even if the print is nearly 10ml
  2. Did all types of cleaning , calibrating and other processes given in the formlabs website but NO USE
  3. after a successful print printing the same file will give a failure in the next print
    I have experienced this myself atleast 5 times in 8 prints in castable wax 40
  4. The prints stick to the build plate and wonts come properly considering the jewelry industry models will be small and has high attention to details while removing the models the base won’t come properly and this changes the dimensions of the model of more pressure is applied
  5. More after printing process , in website it’s simple but in practical it’s hell build won’t come off, shrinkage, cleaning tank even after single use due to print failures and worst finishing
    8.time estimation is worst of all , it shows 1h 45 min and take 3 hrs to complete print.
  6. Time estimation is worse 1hr 45 min print takes 3hrs+