Form 3 printer not printing tall items to completion

I f put a print on which is over 100mm in height i find the print does not print to the end . I have replaced the tank and used new resin on the tank. It seems to go through the motion but laser seems have not enough power to create a build

You’re going to have to provide at least the basics if you expect any meaningful help from anyone - starting with pictures of a failed print focusing on the areas where there are failures, and a screen grab of PreForm showing how the print is oriented and supported on the build plate, and the resin type you’re using.

Laser power is the same no matter what layer of the print is being printed so your supposition about not having enough power is not valid. The laser only cures resin at the very bottom of the tank and that’s the same for all layers in the print. The odds are much better that this is a placement/support issue, or a problem with the 3D model (like too thin a wall), or a resin contamination issue (cured resin from print failure).

If you had a print failure and didn’t clean the resin tank, there is 100% certainty of cured resin on the bottom of the tank which will guarantee every subsequent print also fails. It only takes one failure for this to happen.

If you had a print failure and didn’t filter the remaining resin in the tank, it’s not guaranteed that your next print will fail but the probability is much, much higher.

You can’t check either of these things “by eye”.

Cured resin in the tank looks identical to liquid resin. Even with clear resin. You have to physically scrape (or empty the resin tank to see) the tank bottom to be sure there’s nothing there (which is why you got a plastic tool with the printer, to be able to do this), and you have to filter the used resin to remove any “snotty” blobs of partially cured resin that may be there.

The resin tank was brand new and the resin was also brand new. The items which were being printed were figure and they are solid. The resin was white

Still a completely insufficient level of information to offer any added advice.

The point you’re at now is - “My thing doesn’t work, even though I think I did everything right, what’s wrong?” - and the answer is “no one can say, based on what little you’ve actually said”.

You want help, you need to provide actual details. Take a look at other threads where people post about having problems printing to get an idea of what “actual details” means, and then follow those examples.

This one, from this morning is a good example of a more complete request for help…

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Hi @horburyd,

Thanks for reaching out about this! Please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team so they can narrow this down for you.

While this is very much true for 2D printers, our SLA printers operate a bit differently (using lasers and optical surfaces rather than print heads and ink). However, keeping things clean and tidy is very much still an important aspect of 3D printing with resin. Here is a guide on how to inspect and maintain your Form 3.