Form 3 printer Lifespan

I’ve just started the process of replacing one of our Form 3 printers as it suddenly stopped working and wasn’t even responding to power (I miss the Form 2 on/off button!)

How long have people managed to keep their Form 3s going, I’d be interested to know what the average achieved lifespan is.

Our machine survived for
3703 Hours
341 496 Layers
33.4 Litres

We have had 1 of our Form 3’s for about 2 years now and it is still going. 26d 21h on laser usage and we use that printer everyday for engineering prototypes. We make small parts so the hours take a while to add up. So with that being said, you must be printing a lot. I’m curious to see how much usage others have gotten out of their Form 3’s as well.

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