Form 3 mixer failure

At work, we encountered a problem while mixing the resins in our Form 3 printer. The printer checks optics heats up to 31 degrees and then tries to mix the resin, but the mixer is not moving at a constant speed, and one side of it seems to stop moving sometimes.
We tried different resin tanks, calibrations, and lubrication of the moving parts but nothing seemed to help.
Video of the mixing is HERE

Any ideas about what can cause this and how to repair it?

Here is another video with a different tank and resin.

Hey @reznicekjakub we’re sorry that you’re having this mixer issue. I’ve talked it through with our support team and the best next step forward is to open a support case with our European Customer Service team here.

In this specific case, your clicking noise is coming from the mixer coupler, but we would need to do some further investigation with your help in order to get this solved and have you back to printing asap.

Thank you so much for your fast response. Ticked created and is now waiting for your EU colleagues.

Best regards and no layer shifts.
Jakub Řezníček

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