Form 3 Loud Clicking sounds

I’m getting the same clicking as everyone else with my Form 3. Hasn’t caused any print issues so far but for a $3500 + accessories printer that’s absolutely unacceptable. Just saying.


For anyone following this thread, the clicking noise is a software problem that should resolve on Firmware 1.17.0. If it does not, contact support.

I just posted on another thread but the clicking on my Form3B has now gone so far as to cause a start up error and will not print at all. I will try the new calibration and see if I can fix this. I just wasn’t sure if something was getting damaged.

Update: So I reapplied the firmware update. No go
I did note that the stir bar has a nice firm grip at the front of the tank but the back was quite weak and disconnected multiple times while trying to calibrate the stir mechanism. Since the tank is about 4 months old, i’ve decided to toss it. But due to our manufacturing requirements, I won’t be going back to Surgical Guide material. I think i’ll order up some Draft and try that instead. To me, it seems like the magnets inside the LPU don’t quite reach high enough to grip that back length of the stirrer. Has there been any mechanical failures with these magnets or servos? Would it be worth while to remove the LPU top cover and peer inside?

Hi @mwbarre1,

Adding on to my other reply, it is possible to Inspect the Form 3 mixer coupler. This may not be necessary depending on the root cause of the issue, but I wanted to pass this guide along in either case.

I’ve noticed the LPU seams to get different hold of different mixer arms, almost like the magnets in some arms are weaker. I have one tank (with Durable) where the mixer arm gets dropped from time to time. Haven’t had that happen in any other resin for a long time.

Hello @Reine,

This isn’t normal behavior- I would create a Support case and we can look into why this one tank has the mixer failing while others are fine.

My 3L had this a while back but a firmware update took care of that. Haven’t had an issue since.

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