Form 2: Print without cartridge?

I’m expecting the delivery of my Form 2 today, but the black resin cartridge shipped separately and won’t arrive till Monday. I have a partial bottle of black resin from my Form 1+. Can I pour that into my Form 2 tray and print or does it check to see if a cartridge is installed?


at the moment you need a cartridge.

You want to use the black resin so you need a black.cartridge.
The only way to use the black bottle resin is refilling into a black-cartridge.

So I use my black resin with refilling, it`s no problem.
so long

I had the same issue. You have to wait one very long weekend.

Thanks all, I guess I’ll just set it up and it can look beautiful for the weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:

are there any guides to refilling the cartridges?

We do not have an official guide on filling resin cartridges…but you should only use the same type of resin within the cartridge and make sure you filter out any debris before filling.

If there are chunks of cured material in the cartridge, it could clog.


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