Form 2+ or Form 3 resin tray suggestion

When the next iteration of the Form 2 SLA printer becomes a reality; how about using two tapered dowel pins to accurately locate the resin vat/tank/tray and use rare earth magnets to secure it?

The current keyhole system is so finicky to get the tray/vat/tank located just right for the printer to recognize it is installed.

Also a retrofit kit for Form 2 users would be great.

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I like the idea of a change but I think the peeling forces might overcome the security of your suggestion. I like the tapered posts but perhaps adding a manually engaged lever lock that would cam into those posts… That way relying on a more sure mechanical attachment. The locking system could be micro switched so that the printer would not start until it was engaged.


Good point.

Thanks for these suggestions! You’re right to point out that resin tank installation and recognition is a topic that users frequently write about here. Because the resin tank is so critical to print success, it’s one of the subsystems that we are always looking to improve. Since the launch of the Form 2, we have implemented several software and hardware changes for some improvements, but of course we can always do more. Thanks again for the feedback!