Re-orientable Resin Tray

First off, I don’t have my printer yet, so I’m just going by pictures of the resin tray and what others are saying about the usage, so forgive me if this is way off base.

My suggestion is to change the design of the resin tray slightly to allow it to fit in at any orientation so that it would be easier to use different parts of the silicone layer.  It seems with people getting better results on different sides, some models may just naturally print better closer to/farther from the hinge side.  Being able to pull the tray out, rotate 90 or 180 degrees and snap back in would allow for better usage.

Thoughts from others?

I hadn’t thought about doing this till I saw your post, but I just tried turning my resin tank 180° and it works just fine. It appears that the only real difference between the front and the back is the tabs on either side of the “front” of the tank. Unfortunately the tank base isn’t square, so it can only be rotated 180º. This also means it wouldn’t be as simple as redesigning the tank alone.

I’m glad you brought this up because it’ll certainly add a little extra life to some of my older tanks. :slight_smile:

I like this idea. Maybe until they update the firmware to do some kinda variable speed peeling based on where the object is located, the volume of the object, and the thickness of the walls, ect.


still awaiting my Form1 and wondered the same as you after seeing photos of release surface clouding in particular what I guessed were multi prints

of the same object in same location (sending same file to print again). The support posts equal greatest UV intensity so dots appear.

So I posed under  Resin tank for use in more than just a single orientation


I tried to search and see if someone had suggested it, but the Zendesk forums aren’t very good, so I second your idea!