Form 2 for sale, Virginia, USA

I am selling my Form 2 printer. The unit has 50 prints completed. I purchased this for a product development project and that project is complete. This unit performed amazingly. Despite the cost, we saved thousands.

I am including everything that came with the original unit, in the original box. I am also including the grey, black, and clear resins with tanks in various states of fill. I am also including a UV cure oven, with temperature control, that I used to cure prints as well as a UV nail spa. With these items you can cure the prints per the Formlabs white paper and achieve superior mechanical properties.

Asking $3200 OBO, I prefer local pickup (Central Virginia) but I am willing to accept paypal (including payapl fee) for payment and shipping. Please email me at: and I can send pictures/video of the machine running.

Price lowered to $2850, I would like to move this unit.

Can offer $2200.
Do you offer pickup?
What is the height?
Will this fit in a minivan?

Looking for a second. I am interested if the unit is still available. Would have to ship to Long Island. Let me know…
Joe Tortorici

Can offer $2600 cash with pickup in virginia

Can offer $2600 cash at pickup
Please email
If interested.

Please let me know if this has been sold
or is a pending sale. If I dont hear back I will
assume it is and go with other printer opportunities.


The printer is still for sale. When could you meet me? I am emailing you also

is this still available?

ship to Brooklyn

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