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Form 2 Dimensional inaccuracy

Hi all,

I have a dimensional accuracy when printing with the Form 2. The inaccuracy is pretty big, about 10 mm. The printed width is 59 mm but cad part is 49. (See attached images). Also you can clearly see the stretching of the hexagon shapes on the printed part. The height of the print is correct though.

Since this part should fit into another it is quite important.

Can you share a picture of how the print was orientated and where supports were placed? And what resin you are using? I believe this sagging could just be because of print orientation or lack of supports in that certain orientation.

The resin is black V4. Its just auto-generated support and I oriented it so the A surface doesn’t have any support on it.

Try printing in a different orientation like on its long side. Generally I find that if Black resin or any standard resin is not supported enough, it starts to sag. So in your case, I think the angle maybe too much to be printed that way so the part sags outward as its printing. Supports are generally hard to hide well but if you are comfortable doing your own supports, I would do that instead of auto generated.

I agree. Angle up at least a 45 degree angle. Black resin seems to do this a lot if i don’t angle it.

I agree too. 45 degrees and with certain rotation to avoid as much as possible the peeling forces and try to add your own supports too.

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Thank you to all,

I will test another setup according to your tips.