Form2 Tolerance Test any1?

I printed parts for a customer using the 1 click button and as usual, everything is placed 45º or so on the bed. Launched the print, printed fine, postpo and cured fine but customer claims the prints are off 0.5mm or even more…

Is there any general consensus on a calibration print I could use on the Form2 and find out where’s the inaccuracy coming from?

That was a grey resin print btw.

It depends on what they’re measuring, there will be extra material cured on the underside of the print. The automatic orientation/supports will also often give a worse result than if you do those yourself since important details need to be pointed upwards for best results and you can also orient it in a way that uses fewer supports and that you can arrange the supports in a way that is easier to remove or won’t require as much cleanup.

I dont think lack of accuracy is coming from the support points…

Are you able to post a photo or screen shot (from Preform) of what you have printed?

I have found the Form 2 to be very accurate (typically within +/- 0.010 in, though it can significantly deviate if printing thin walls or poorly-supported structures. It’s hard to tell what is going on without seeing what you have printed.

I would suggest that you contact tech support - they can provide you with a file for printing to help gauge accuracy and possible causes of errors.

Completely geometry dependent. For example, is this a negative feature or positive, long hole, thin part, big part, small part, z direction or x/y. See this paper for some guidances on design of parts

If you are near those limits for things like holes or small positive/negative features you can definitely be off by a lot. But again, there are so many variables that it is hard to say. I routinely find that there is generally “extra material”. Meaning your ODs will be big and IDs will be small. I always oversize holes by at least 0.010" on CAD to fit bolts.

Any surface facing downwards will have extra material, it’s worse around support points because the resin naturally accumulates around that, but any bottom surface will have the issue to some degree.

I designed and made my own GO/NO-GO gauges to test the tolerance of my FORM 2. They range from 0.025 mm to 0.5mm. I can go about as tight as 0.1mm.

I have pictures; but they are too big for the forum. GRRRR! I’m not in the mood to resize them, or find a ‘cloud’ sharing platform. GRRRR!

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