Form 2 Copper Finger Tank Non-Contact Hack

Today, we had to get our Form2 up & printing to meet a customer delivery. As noted in other posts, the worst design feature on the Form 2 are the fragile copper fingers between the printer & the tank. To fix it, we placed a dab of solder on each of the right two tabs (see photo). After nearly 9hrs of trying and the usual post-office paced response times from FormLab … it worked. The printer recognized the tank & we’re back up and printing. I wouldn’t recommend this for machines under warranty … but if you need to meet deliverables … this hack could do the trick in a hurry.

(BTW … we love our Formlab 2 & 3B … its been a game changer for our small firm … just not customer service)

What about the tank silicone layer starting get resin under it ? I feel that is even worse than the chip. At least you can use open mode to print with Form2. lol